Open House Questions

Thank-you to everyone that made it out to our Open House today.                                      We are very humbled by your support and enthusiasm.

I was asked some questions that I want to post because they were good ones…

  1. My partner would like to attend does he/she need a separate membership?               NO, the memberships are transferable unless both parents attend together.
  2. What about phone calls etc?  We do NOT have phone booths (yet?). Members are permitted to make calls, however we cannot ensure privacy or confidentiality .    We encourage all members to wear headphones and keep all phone conversations to a low-volume.
  3. Are people without children permitted?  Members must have a child in our care. Members may bring in non-members  for meetings etc.  Please contact us for more info re: renting the conference room for a meeting.
  4. What sort of programming will you offer the children? The programming will vary from day to day depending on the children in our care, their ages and their interests. Our Early Child Educator has more than 20 years experience working with children and developing programming for young children. A typical 3-hour time slot will include free play, arts and crafts, music and singing, and story time.
  5. Do you have an outdoor space? Coming Spring 2019

If you have additional questions please contact us

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Becoming a Member is easy:

  1. Pay a yearly membership fee.
  2. Complete our registration form.
  3. Book a time.


1 three-hour slot ~ $50

Package of 3 slots ~ $120

Package of 5 Slots ~ $200

Package of 10 slots ~ $350

Unlimited 6 months ~ $3500